Hello, thanks for taking the time to check out my work. I'm Jason Craft and I am a Visual Effects and Motion Graphics artist. I have a great eye for detail, and take pride in my work. There's a certain quote I tend to go by, "When you do your job right, the audience won't be sure you've done anything at all."

For the last four years, I've been working at Ghost Productions as the Lead compositor in Roseville, MN. We introduce new surgical techniques, devices, and medicines to doctors and patients through Medical Animation. My job focuses on incorporating 3D footage, audio files, logos, and 2D elements into a final video for our clients.

I would say my real passion would be integrating CG into live action, but I do enjoy other aspects as well. I've been getting more into Zbrush sculpting, lighting and texturing. I usually have something in the works, where in my free time I do enjoy working on my own short VFX pieces, modeling or doing some sort of hands on project. Check out my latest work in progress, Iron Man Armor.